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Say never

I just realized I never posted this here. >.>

Title: Plastic Smile (6/?)
Author: sarisynn
Rating: PG-13 still
Disclaimer, because I keep forgetting to disclaim: They're not mine, I don't know them/own them, this didn't really happen, etc etc. I DO IT OUT OF LOVE! 
Warnings/Spoilers: Angst. Swearing. Slash. Minor sexytimes. Oh, Randy Orton makes another appearance.
Summary: Miz suffers a terrible beating at the hands of persons unknown. What is the motivation for this act? And what are the consequences, not only for Miz, but for John? In this chapter... Randy attempts to bring comfort to John, in the only way he knows.

Previous Chapters: One, Two, Three, Four, Five

(Chapter Six)
Tags: fanfiction, rating: pg13/t
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